Dr. Katrina Ostafichuk, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine • Family Health • Lifestyle Management


A more natural lifestyle allows you to take control of your own health. A Naturopathic Doctor views you as a whole person rather than just a disease or ailment. The personalized approach that Dr. Katrina strives to provide will bring you a renewed sense of mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Traditional medicine often forgets how your body, mind and soul are integrated and must remain in balance. Physical and emotional symmetry are the cornerstones for Naturopathic medicine. The path to this balanced state can include organic whole foods, fresh air, exercise, personalized supplementation and herbal remedies.


As a patient of Dr. Katrina and incorporating Naturopathic medicine into your life, you begin to pay close attention to what you eat, how you live and how your body reacts to the world around you. We all have issues we face, but under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor you will learn ways to manage pain, mitigate stress and avoid frequent colds and flu.

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